Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today's Occupation at the University of Manchester is now over

Over 70 students today occupied the Admin block of University of Manchester in opposition to the cuts. Inspired by the events of yesterday, the students demanded an end to the cuts and stood in solidarity with staff.

After 3 hours of occupation, and following a statement from the Vice Chancellor, the students have left the Occupation in order to better organise the next steps of the campaign.

Students from the Occupation are now building for the walk out on the 24th November.


  1. Well done!!! I think it's wonderful that students aren't taking these ridiculous cuts without a fight!

  2. three hours? Should have stayed there overnight!

  3. Dear comrades - North-west National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) voted unanimously tonight to support your actions, to thank you for styanding by University workers facing redundancies and cuts, and wish you well for the future. Well done our youth!
    Andy Ford
    Secretary North-west NSSN

  4. I was there for the occupation of the same offices in 1997. (against labour Party introduction of tuition fees). Let's hope you have more success!! Good luck!

  5. I remember that treacherous former National Union of Students President, Jim Murphy, visiting Manchester in the 1990s. He pleaded with students to "accept reality" that grants were no longer sustainable. The unbelievable, at that time, rumour was he'd been promised the chance to contest a seat for New Labour if he could subdue student protests against the introduction of fees. He was rewarded for his treachery to students. He really did get his thirty pieces of silver. Jim Murphy became a New Labour MP a couple of years later. I don't believe he even stuck around to graduate. Rank and file students, please watch out for similar careerists at the top of the NUS.